[How to open coconut shell for coconut meat_How to open coconut for coconut meat]

[How to open coconut shell for coconut meat_How to open coconut for coconut meat]

Coconut is a relatively common drink. The nutrition and efficacy of coconut are very many. Although coconut is delicious, it is the best for those who drink it for the first time, especially when buying a whole coconut.Concerned issues, in general, when opening coconut for the first time, most people may not be particularly smooth. In fact, coconut opening is skillful. Here is how to open coconut shell for coconut meat.

Can green coconut meat be eaten?

You can eat the season when you just drink coconut juice to eat coconut meat. The streets are full of green coconuts. Too many people have doubts about whether the green coconut meat can be eaten.

Generally, the coconut meat that tastes good in coconut juice is not delicious, and the coconut juice that is delicious in coconut meat is not delicious.

Green coconut belongs to the kind of delicious juice and meat.

Therefore, after opening the green coconut, we recommend to eat it except for the juice.

Coconut water contains a variety of amino acids, such as lysine and methionine, which are inedible to the human body and can stimulate physical energy.

Waiting for 22 kinds of amino acids are needed by the human body, there are 17 kinds in coconut juice. Of course, coconut water is a drink, not a medicine, but her nutrients are relatively comprehensive, which is beneficial to the human body’s “milk”.

How to open the green coconut meat The coconut juice taste of green coconut is really amazing!

The coconut is not green when it is mature enough. Although the coconut meat is not as delicious as the old coconut, the coconut juice inside is very sweet and delicious. Therefore, many green coconuts are also sold now.

The market sells triangle tops, as long as you grasp the angle and cut at the top.

Or use a corkscrew to open the wine stopper.

For green coconuts, first you have a green coconut.

If you want to drink the coconut juice directly after opening, you may wish to refrigerate the green coconut in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Then find a relatively strong knife-some kitchen chop knives, chop a knife across the head, cut off a layer of shell, the shell of green coconut is not hard, it is not difficult to cut.

With a chopping knife, use the corner of the blade near the handle, and use a little strength to cut into the top of the coconut. On this coconut “Tianling cover”, we need to cut four knifes around the midpoint to form a quadrilateral, and then remove the quadrilateral shellTo drink the coconut juice inside.

If the knife can’t cut through the coconut shell at once, you may wish to cut a few more in situ to ensure that it is cut through.

This is best done by the side of the kitchen sink. Coconut juice is less likely to stain clothing if it is sprayed out.

How to eat green coconut meat?

If you don’t want to waste coconut meat, you can use a sharper planer (preferably a sugarcane planer), shave the skin on the coconut shell and eat directly.

You can also cut the processed coconut meat into granules, and mix with the coconut juice using a crusher and add coconut milk, which is very pure coconut milk.

You can also use the ground coconut to strain it, put it in a bowl, and stir fry in a saucepan until golden brown, which is delicious coconut.

You can also use the coconut water stew of the green coconut, stir-fry the coconut meat or make syrup, which can bring people a fresh experience.

Coconut green fried rice 1. Prepare the ingredients: coconut green, rice, meat, eggs and other ingredients 2. First, decompose the coconut green, separate the coconut juice and coconut meat 3, then slice the coconut meat and other meats, then prepareOkay.

4. After the pan is cooked, first cook the meat food and set aside.

5, then pour the rice into the pot, add coconut milk and stir well, you can add flavor.

6. Finally, stir-fry all the meat with coconut meat, etc., and wait until the rice is dried.

Coconut chicken 1, prepared ingredients: one coconut green, chicken, red dates, seasoning 2, cut the upper half of coconut green, and pour the soup for later use.

3. Wash and cut the chicken legs into large pieces.

4. Put the chicken drumsticks in the coconut green cup, pour coconut juice, red dates and salt, seal the plastic wrap and steam for 50 minutes.